Drury 2018 Christmas Update

Merry Christmas from the Drurys. This is our once-a-year blog update--it's the one blog EVERYONE can keep up with reading :-) so here is an update from all 5 of us, each in our own words:



This year was super fun! I was in my school production, "Annie Jr." in January and February and it was really fun. I made so many friends and learned so many cool things. We also went to Williamsburg, Virginia for spring break which was super fun and different. It was cool to see all of the historical stuff and see so many awesome things there. Summer was amazing because I didn’t have to go to school! I went to Michigan with my mom in July, and it was also my birthday. I hung out with my best friend and went to see Legally Blonde on my birthday. Fall break was so awesome!! My mom, my sister, and I went to Florida which was the best ever! I am so excited for Christmas too. Lastly, I got into the spring musical, "Beauty and the Beast Jr," and I’m so excited! I got the part of Babette. It was a great year and I’m so excited for next year!


In 2018, I worked on driver’s ed throughout most of the summer and eventually got my permit. In the summer I went to Indiana Wesleyan’s "Wildcat Academy" and met 4 of the best girls I’ve ever met. I studied leadership and life calling and spent an entire week with those lovely ladies. A few weeks later in the summer, I went to Paris, France with my grandma and I had one of the best 5 days of my life. We went to Williamsburg; Holland, MI; Washington D. C.; and Brown County with my family and over Fall Break I went on a girls trip with my sister and mom to Disney and other places in Florida. Throughout the year, I enjoyed redecorating my room, listening to music, hanging out with my boyfriend, taking pictures, and shopping. I found myself not having as much of a passion for percussion in the early months of 2018 and I am slowly shifting my focus on guitar instead. I have taught myself everything that I know about it and I really quite enjoy guitar. Most of this year has been simply a year of learning for me and a year of meeting some of the best people I’ve ever met.



2018, as I transitioned into Senior year year, was in many ways a year of lasts. It began the end of high school, and it marked what will probably be the last major trip before college: going to Israel. Though I’ll remember other events such as my second year at examen, that trip was the most remarkable, having seen many biblical locations and being baptized in the Jordan. I led a group at a kids camp and I mowed more lawns than I can count in the summer. It’s been the hardest year yet, but things seemed to work out in the end!


It’s been a good year. A little bit of everything: haircutting, babysitting, teaching a mothers of preschoolers 4 and 5 year old class, a moms prayer group--these are a few regular things I do though the year in addition to being the COO of our home. I always I love travel and we were able to get to Williamsburg, VA and DC for spring break. The girls and I took a trip to Brooksville to see Dave's parents and also went a couple days to Disney during fall break. I also surprised the family with a short getaway to Brown County in July. I have become closer friends with several Turkish women in the area which has been fun. We also started a house church so that part of life looks a bit different than it used to. With Max in his senior year I am feeling the the last of many things which is sad and exciting all at the same time.  Being a mom of three teenagers is awesome and exhausting all at the same time! Always grateful for another year.



With three teenagers in the house I now grow an average of three new grey hairs a day in my beard. However, I am proud of how they are maturing in life and in the LORD. Kathy and I enjoy our coffee together in the AM... spending a good hour or more together each morning now (a new pattern we started 2 years ago.) At work I more fully engaged in the leadership coaching part of my job; pleased to see leaders responding to it and thriving. Still looking for more results in discipleship and multiplication, but feel things are on the right track. We started a church here in the area and I work multi-vocationally. It is a low-key way of life that reflects some values we have, most of all: making friends, disciples, disciple-makers, missionaries, and equippers. We also launched a new network of smaller safer place churches called the One MultiChurch Network. All the above authentic relationships are just a small slice of my free time but one that gives great joy in the journey. As far as hobbies, I still enjoy bonsai, games (board & video), and anything that gets me into the woods.


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Always fun to read your highlights 💕 -beck