2016 Update on the Drury Family

A Christmas 2016 Update of the Drury Family

This blog is only posted one time a year, so it's one blog you could keep up with! Thanks for coming to see our update on 2016. - Dave, Kathy, Max, Karina & Lauren:

We moved! We now live in Fishers, Indiana, a mile away from Dave's work, across the street from Max's school, two miles from our church, the girls' school, a grocery store, and most everything we might need. We have "moved" from being "all over" and commuting to work to doing most everything we need to do in a "hyper local" way. We are enjoying it here and think of it as "home" already.  In 2016 we travelled to a few places as a family, including short trips to Florida and New York State, while Kathy and Dave also went to Atlanta & Virginia together.


The "baby" of the family is no longer a baby anymore--this young woman is now 11 years old, and loves uploading videos to YouTube (sometimes more than one a day) on a variety of subjects (Find her channel here. Always a dramatic one, Lauren played the role of "Little One" in a Marion Civic Theatre performance before we moved. At the annual Theatre awards banquet she received the "Most Promising Young Talent" award for that performance, chosen out of all of the actors for that whole year of performances. Now that we've moved, she's joined a youth drama club, but most of her energy goes into work at her new school, which is a bit more demanding. She already has some friends and is enjoying her new life--while missing several old friends from her last school and church.


Our 13 year old is becoming quite the young woman. She enjoyed youth camp and band at both of her schools this year and last. She has become quite the expert at organizing, even being hired several times in the last year to organize people's home closets and kitchens (this is a skill we have abused for our own benefit in our home without pay, of course.) She loves fashion and re-arranging her room repeatedly. While she doesn't tend to post picture of herself, you can see some of the world through her discerning eyes here on Instagram. Karina is doing excellent in school and finds particular joy in the school pep band and also banging on all sorts of percussion instruments in our new basement. Karina misses her friends from back home, but has made great friends here already and has made the transition better than we had ever hoped.


There are now two men in the home, as our oldest child is 16, and passed his test so now has a permit to drive a car (something he's not all that eager to do all the time, but still, be aware.) He enjoys creating and drawing, and is now the proud owner of Adobe Creative Suite on his personal computer, trying his hand at Photoshop and other programs, dabbling in design, digital art, layout, and all things creative/computer oriented. He is creating the art and design of a game with a friend who is doing the coding. His new high school is massive, almost the size of its own city--and so he's adjusting to the new demands there and working harder on homework than ever before. He enjoys youth group in our church as well.


Mom is loving her new house (with a small forest out back) and loves the proximity to so many places to save money (that is "Dutch Speak" for: shopping). She is enjoying a discipleship process at our new church, including preparation to launch her own discipleship group soon. She's been able to make a dozen new friends, and have dozens of people over to our new home in a short amount of time, hosting things almost every week. She is a greeter table hostess on Sundays for our church (Trinity Church - East Fishers), and loves the miles and miles of walking trails in our neighborhood, which you can find her on by herself or often with her good new friend and neighbor Luz. Dave and Kathy celebrated 20 years of marriage this year, in which Dave surprised Kathy while driving in a car toward the airport, letting her know that they were going to Austria to celebrate!


Dad figured he earned enough "Husband points" with the whole surprise Austria trip that he wasn't a very intentional husband in most other ways this year. In 2017 he knows he'll have to step it up again. He has loved the new home they have and the finished basement and new foosball table, since he has yet to find a person he doesn't think he can beat at the game. A new General Superintendent, Wayne Schmidt, was elected in The Wesleyan Church, and he asked Dave to be his Chief of Staff, so he has been helping guide a key leadership transition in 2016. He is enjoying the new opportunities and challenges of this season of leadership. Dave had a book on the first half of the book of John come out in 2016, called Transforming Presence. He still spends time writing on weekends and vacations, so he is already 3/5ths done with another book manuscript he is writing with another author, more on that in 2017!

Thanks for checking in with The Drurys. May your Christmas be blessed by our Christ!


Unknown said…
As always, I love your recap. Lots of changes in the last year! --Beck
Rob Paterson said…
Great update...and epic shirt in the bottom picture Dave! We love you all and enjoy getting some details about the family, like this, each year!
Anonymous said…
So glad your anniversary surprise meant that we had a few days together.
waoo well written post regarding "A Christmas 2016 Update of the Drury Family"


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