A Christmas Update for the Drury Family (2015)

A Christmas 2015 Update of the Drury Family

Thanks for stopping by to read our annual blog (it is only posted one time a year, so it's one blog you could keep up with!)

This year our family tried to "stay put" as much as we can, since Dave's job requires a bit of travel, sometimes it's nice to just stay home. This included some fun times at home like celebrating our 20th Annual Drury Family Willy Wonka Day. A few things kept us on the move, however, including a "new to us" van since ours (dating from the last millennium) started to quit on us. We had fun in Arizona in June, including hiking the rim of the grand canyon. The parents started out proud that the kids were going to do a 10 mile hike, but by the end the kids were proud their parents finished! We also went to Florida in October for a bit of Disney and relaxation by a pool.


Our youngest turned 10 years old and enjoyed the Spring Hill day camp at church as well as several involvements including both swimming and piano lessons (but so far no underwater piano recitals), and also loves being a member of the Heart of Indiana Children's Choir. She loves singing, making people laugh, and using about a dozen accents she has picked up to express herself.


Our middle child is now 12, and will be a teenager in the blink of an eye. She enjoyed her 3rd year in a row of running "Karina's Summer Camp," which is her day camp business she has all set up in our playroom. More than 20 different kids throughout the summer were a part. She enjoys swimming lessons, her youth group (JC Bodyshop), her prayer group at middle school, and also got the Outstanding Band Member award for her percussion skills. She was also baptized this year and shared her testimony!


Our oldest kid is taller than an average adult now, and is 15 years old, in drivers ed already, as well as High School. He expanded his mowing business this year, and enjoyed the ID Tech Camp where he learned a new computer coding language to add to this interest of his. He found some very long fantasy novels he loves, and likes talking about spiritual things and the Bible with his peers at JC Bodyshop. He took a kayaking trip with his Dad and grandpa, on the longest river in Michigan.


Mom enjoyed flower gardening in the summer and The Gathering in the winter (of pastors and spouses in January in Orlando). She continued a new ministry to new faculty women and wives at Indiana Wesleyan University, and she joined the new Pastor's Spouse Connection marketing team, working to spread the word of that ministry. She is active in her Sunday School Class at church, and loves her family with all her heart.


Dad loved the kayaking trip with Max mentioned above, and ran a 5k in honor of Ross Hoffman, one of his friends and heroes who passed away two years ago. He finished a book called Transforming Presence which will be released in early 2016. His personal writing website was redesigned as well. He continues his work as Chief of Staff for The Wesleyan Church, also leading Immigrant Connection, Generous Living, and speaking whenever he can make the time.

Believe it or not, this is our 10th Christmas Update Blog entry. Time flies. Having fun! - The Drurys


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Love the annual Drury recap :) Excited to see you guys soon! --beck