2016 Update on the Drury Family

A Christmas 2016 Update of the Drury Family

This blog is only posted one time a year, so it's one blog you could keep up with! Thanks for coming to see our update on 2016. - Dave, Kathy, Max, Karina & Lauren:

We moved! We now live in Fishers, Indiana, a mile away from Dave's work, across the street from Max's school, two miles from our church, the girls' school, a grocery store, and most everything we might need. We have "moved" from being "all over" and commuting to work to doing most everything we need to do in a "hyper local" way. We are enjoying it here and think of it as "home" already.  In 2016 we travelled to a few places as a family, including short trips to Florida and New York State, while Kathy and Dave also went to Atlanta & Virginia together.


The "baby" of the family is no longer a baby anymore--this young woman is now 11 years old, and loves uploading videos to YouTube (sometimes more than one a day) on a variety of subjects (Find her channel here. Always a dramatic one, Lauren played the role of "Little One" in a Marion Civic Theatre performance before we moved. At the annual Theatre awards banquet she received the "Most Promising Young Talent" award for that performance, chosen out of all of the actors for that whole year of performances. Now that we've moved, she's joined a youth drama club, but most of her energy goes into work at her new school, which is a bit more demanding. She already has some friends and is enjoying her new life--while missing several old friends from her last school and church.


Our 13 year old is becoming quite the young woman. She enjoyed youth camp and band at both of her schools this year and last. She has become quite the expert at organizing, even being hired several times in the last year to organize people's home closets and kitchens (this is a skill we have abused for our own benefit in our home without pay, of course.) She loves fashion and re-arranging her room repeatedly. While she doesn't tend to post picture of herself, you can see some of the world through her discerning eyes here on Instagram. Karina is doing excellent in school and finds particular joy in the school pep band and also banging on all sorts of percussion instruments in our new basement. Karina misses her friends from back home, but has made great friends here already and has made the transition better than we had ever hoped.


There are now two men in the home, as our oldest child is 16, and passed his test so now has a permit to drive a car (something he's not all that eager to do all the time, but still, be aware.) He enjoys creating and drawing, and is now the proud owner of Adobe Creative Suite on his personal computer, trying his hand at Photoshop and other programs, dabbling in design, digital art, layout, and all things creative/computer oriented. He is creating the art and design of a game with a friend who is doing the coding. His new high school is massive, almost the size of its own city--and so he's adjusting to the new demands there and working harder on homework than ever before. He enjoys youth group in our church as well.


Mom is loving her new house (with a small forest out back) and loves the proximity to so many places to save money (that is "Dutch Speak" for: shopping). She is enjoying a discipleship process at our new church, including preparation to launch her own discipleship group soon. She's been able to make a dozen new friends, and have dozens of people over to our new home in a short amount of time, hosting things almost every week. She is a greeter table hostess on Sundays for our church (Trinity Church - East Fishers), and loves the miles and miles of walking trails in our neighborhood, which you can find her on by herself or often with her good new friend and neighbor Luz. Dave and Kathy celebrated 20 years of marriage this year, in which Dave surprised Kathy while driving in a car toward the airport, letting her know that they were going to Austria to celebrate!


Dad figured he earned enough "Husband points" with the whole surprise Austria trip that he wasn't a very intentional husband in most other ways this year. In 2017 he knows he'll have to step it up again. He has loved the new home they have and the finished basement and new foosball table, since he has yet to find a person he doesn't think he can beat at the game. A new General Superintendent, Wayne Schmidt, was elected in The Wesleyan Church, and he asked Dave to be his Chief of Staff, so he has been helping guide a key leadership transition in 2016. He is enjoying the new opportunities and challenges of this season of leadership. Dave had a book on the first half of the book of John come out in 2016, called Transforming Presence. He still spends time writing on weekends and vacations, so he is already 3/5ths done with another book manuscript he is writing with another author, more on that in 2017!

Thanks for checking in with The Drurys. May your Christmas be blessed by our Christ!


A Christmas Update for the Drury Family (2015)

A Christmas 2015 Update of the Drury Family

Thanks for stopping by to read our annual blog (it is only posted one time a year, so it's one blog you could keep up with!)

This year our family tried to "stay put" as much as we can, since Dave's job requires a bit of travel, sometimes it's nice to just stay home. This included some fun times at home like celebrating our 20th Annual Drury Family Willy Wonka Day. A few things kept us on the move, however, including a "new to us" van since ours (dating from the last millennium) started to quit on us. We had fun in Arizona in June, including hiking the rim of the grand canyon. The parents started out proud that the kids were going to do a 10 mile hike, but by the end the kids were proud their parents finished! We also went to Florida in October for a bit of Disney and relaxation by a pool.


Our youngest turned 10 years old and enjoyed the Spring Hill day camp at church as well as several involvements including both swimming and piano lessons (but so far no underwater piano recitals), and also loves being a member of the Heart of Indiana Children's Choir. She loves singing, making people laugh, and using about a dozen accents she has picked up to express herself.


Our middle child is now 12, and will be a teenager in the blink of an eye. She enjoyed her 3rd year in a row of running "Karina's Summer Camp," which is her day camp business she has all set up in our playroom. More than 20 different kids throughout the summer were a part. She enjoys swimming lessons, her youth group (JC Bodyshop), her prayer group at middle school, and also got the Outstanding Band Member award for her percussion skills. She was also baptized this year and shared her testimony!


Our oldest kid is taller than an average adult now, and is 15 years old, in drivers ed already, as well as High School. He expanded his mowing business this year, and enjoyed the ID Tech Camp where he learned a new computer coding language to add to this interest of his. He found some very long fantasy novels he loves, and likes talking about spiritual things and the Bible with his peers at JC Bodyshop. He took a kayaking trip with his Dad and grandpa, on the longest river in Michigan.


Mom enjoyed flower gardening in the summer and The Gathering in the winter (of pastors and spouses in January in Orlando). She continued a new ministry to new faculty women and wives at Indiana Wesleyan University, and she joined the new Pastor's Spouse Connection marketing team, working to spread the word of that ministry. She is active in her Sunday School Class at church, and loves her family with all her heart.


Dad loved the kayaking trip with Max mentioned above, and ran a 5k in honor of Ross Hoffman, one of his friends and heroes who passed away two years ago. He finished a book called Transforming Presence which will be released in early 2016. His personal writing website was redesigned as well. He continues his work as Chief of Staff for The Wesleyan Church, also leading Immigrant Connection, Generous Living, and speaking whenever he can make the time.

Believe it or not, this is our 10th Christmas Update Blog entry. Time flies. Having fun! - The Drurys


2014 Drury Year in Review - Posted December 1, 2014

The Drury Family in the Fall of 2014

2014 was a year of... TRAVEL. The Drury family was on the move a lot this year, some of it was for Dave's work, some of it was family road trips, and some of it was combined. In general, the Drurys were "on the road again" more than usual including the following trips:
  • A vacation to Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee in March
  • A backpacking and camping vacation on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in July (Pictured Rocks, etc.)
  • A day at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina on the way to South Carolina and Southern Wesleyan University (where Dave preached for spiritual emphasis week). 
  • Three days in Washington DC in October for a meeting first and the family got to see several key US sites they never saw before (first full DC tour for four of the five of us).
We celebrated, as usual, the Olympics with a meal featuring the classic food of the host country (in this case Russia, for Sochi). Ahead of time a good Russian friend showed Kathy how to make a full meal complete with homemade borscht. 

For a bit more on each of us see below:

Lauren Drury (Age 9)
Lauren loves to sing and laugh and perform. She was in the Heart of Indiana Children's Choir in the Spring and Fall with two performances at IWU this year and also in the Marion Easter Pageant. She is continuing with piano lessons at Taylor University and enjoying learning full songs that she can play without looking at the music. She likes to draw, enjoys playing with her Calico Critters, and also Legos. She also spends a lot of her time binge-watching episodes Rhett and Link "Good Mythical Morning" on YouTube. She and her siblings shot a video which was actually used by Rhett and Link in their show (earning them life-long loyalty from the Drury family.)

Karina Drury (Age 11)
Karina is always enjoyable to be around and is especially good working with younger children. She loves the youth group at JC Bodyshop at our church. She has begun playing percussion in the band and started middle-school this year. In 5th grade she was chosen to be a Via Bank teller and security person for a savings program at the school. A preschool assistant for Vacation Bible School, she also ran her own Day Camp in the summertime with about 10 kids in it. She loves to rearrange and decorate her room over and over again. She, along with her sister, also enjoys binge-watching Rhett and Link.

Maxim Drury (Age 14)
Max started a mowing business this year to make some money in the summers (he is proud of the fact that his father has never even started the new family lawn mower). He was received into the National Honors Society and participated in "We the People" mock congressional hearings in Indianapolis this year. He continues to enjoy computer programming and has begun to teach some friends at school how to do it as well. For the first half of the year he played the game Minecraft a lot, but then abandoned it cold turkey in order to play a new game called Destiny on his PS4, which he often does with his Dad (although he claims to be MUCH better than him). He especially enjoys his middle school youth ministry small group through JC Bodyshop.

David and Kathryn Drury
Dave and Kathy both enjoyed their new finished basement which was completed a year ago. They travelled to Orlando in January for meetings, but added a half-day at Disney with great missionary friends visiting from Europe. Kathy has been working to connect the new faculty families coming to work at Indiana Wesleyan University with the community around them. In May, Dave and Kathy went to Canada, including visits to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. On this trip Dave was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Kingswood University. Dave spoke at several churches and schools this year, and most of all enjoyed a week in Germany speaking to missionaries from the European and the Turkic-Arabic areas of the world. Both of them enjoyed reengaging more deeply in a Sunday School class at College Church (something that was impossible to do when Dave was pastoring). For his 40th Birthday in July, Kathy took Dave on a surprise trip to Montreal and Quebec City which they loved. Dave didn't know where they were going until the layover flight. Kathy continues to enjoy gardening, cooking, and fun family time. David likes reading, playing games with the kids, and writing paragraphs referring to himself in the third person. 

Other Photos:
The White House

Quebec City

Lake Superior

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Long Lake, Michigan

Sochi 2014 Russian Meal



Father and Son


The “Drury Five” 2013 Year in Review - Posted December 1, 2013

As we look back on personal lives in 2013 we realize that it was a unique year of travel and theatre.

  • A 10 Day Disney trip in June -  a highlight of the year.
  • Big trip to the Michigan cottage including the 4th of July 
  • Dave and Kathy by themselves to Puerto Rico, Orlando, & Atlanta

Members of our family saw 8 plays in 2013... they were:
  • Charlie Brown, Godspell, Mary Poppins (Traveling Broadway show), Tortoise & the Hare, Pinkalicious, Secret Garden, Kitchen Witches, &; Miracle on 34th Street
This was also a year when we all got our bikes tuned up so all 5 can bike at the same time. We got a Conner Prairie membership and went several times.

  • She is taking Piano lessons and doing well.
  • She enjoys singing.
  • She sang "Jesus Loves Me" in French in Church with other friends.
  • Enjoyed Vacation Bible School.
  • Has new fascinations with Disney and Dentistry.

  • Opened up a summer-day camp business in her play room for younger kids.
  • Loved GT Art at school at Northview and Taylor University art camp & classes.
  • Now goes to the JC Bodyshop "5th and 6th" youth group.
  • She got perfect attendance for the second year in a row.

MAX (13)
  • JC Bodyshop including his first overnight youth conference event.
  • Went to camp in June - Kids for Christ camp in Pokagon.
  • He enjoys playing computer games online with his friends (Minecraft mostly)
  • Got an Art Award for Best in Show at school - enjoys drawing.

  • Kathy started a fall Bible study with ladies in our home
  • Doing more work with Drury Writing, sales and marketing
  • Cutting some hair on the side.
  • Enjoys gardening like always.
  • Has done several day tips with Dave to Indy for a day away and bonus date.

  • Spoke in dozens of places in 2013 and traveled for work a considerable amount but not too much, thankfully.
  • His book "Being Dad" came out in October.
  • Took a weekend away with 4 guys out of town - they called it a "Man-cation"
  • He continues to enjoy writing for future projects and at DavidDrury.com, including his 2013 Christmas Wish List you an find here.


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Here we update everyone with a sort of Christmas-Letter style focus on each member of the family.

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And if you're looking for the kids this year you'll find Max on Minecraft with a variety of usernames you won't get the joke on, you'll find Karina doing acrobatics in our living room or playing teacher in her "school" in the attic, and you'll find Lauren playing her piano, reading, or cracking jokes while giggling at them herself a little too much.


The “Drury Five” 2012 Year in Review - Posted December 1, 2012

Arizona hiking trip

2012 was a year when a few things changed in a big way for our family and a lot of things were the same, or, one might observe, a year in when we kept on changing in the same old ways. We went to Arizona to celebrate Great-Grandma Wilma Bailey’s 90th birthday (David’s only living grandparent) along with the extended family out west who are a blast to be with. We vacationed at the summer cottage with Kathy’s family in Michigan. We invented a few new silly games to play with the kids in the car, and noticed the kids coming up with some innovative ways to play that the adults would never have thought up. We were glued to one of the most important quadrennial spiritual experiences in the life of the “Drury Five”: the Olympics in London. Oh, and another quadrennial event, General Conference, came along in Lexington that changed David’s work life quite a bit (more on that below.  We will live in the same house and the kids all go to the same schools. We attend the same Church that we love. The girls still love watching baking shows and the guys still love playing computer games together. And every member of the Drury Five still loves the other four as much as ever—even if a certain preteen boy is growing more and more annoyed by the sisters who outnumber him.

Here below, is a recap on each of us this year:
Lauren's Olympic Birthday
Lauren is now seven years old and we find her singing alone when she thinks no one is watching all the time. Her singing is quite a skill considering how many times the tooth fairy had to show up this year. After years of battling with the willpower of her bicycle (and her trainers) she finally allowed them both to carry her on wheels—and she’s now off to the races.  She loves playing school and playing with friends. She loves to make art and make people laugh. All of which she is very good at.
Halloween costume (a well-travelled suitcase)
Karina is now nine years old and helps lead worship for SPLASH at church, one of her favorite things. She finds worship songs on the internet to help her practice. She was involved in all kinds of art classes after school, at Taylor, and also with an art tutor/teacher she has sessions with (along with Lauren). There are no secrets much kept from Karina, as she quietly observes all that’s happening around her. We often “share news” with her that she’s somehow surmised long ago. She really should be recruited by the CIA. Perhaps she already has been.
Just chillin
Maxim is now 12 years old and attending the youth group at church. He went to camp this summer and he attends the R. J. Baskett middle school in our town. He continues to love playing computer games, drawing some amazing sketches freehand, listening to music, and some computer animation on the side. He has turned out to be quite the hilarious comic, making jokes about everything from politics to his parents. Due to contractual obligations negotiated by Max, all social media postings concerning him or quoting him by his parents must now be approved, including this one. [#ImMaxDruryAndIApprovedThisMessage]
Hiking in Luddington, MI
Dave & Kathy are now older than they would like to admit. Jo Anne Lyon appointed Dave as her Chief of Staff in June. He commutes to Indianapolis each weekday. Dave returned to online writing this year and has authored two books with a 2012 release, and others on the way in draft stages. He continues to edit other people’s work, and help with the research of some other books that have released this year and others that are coming out soon. Kathy is deeply involved in the marketing and arrangements for Dave’s writing and speaking, including usually travelling with him on speaking engagements to run the book table process. Kathy loves gardening in our back yard and staying connected to other people on her iPad or in person with friends at Starbucks, two of the few things she can’t do at the same time—since she’s the consummate multi-tasker. Dave has enjoyed reconnecting with many old friends in his new line of work, usually making phone calls to pastors for one hour each day, many of whom he already knows. Kathy volunteered with Kids Hope and also chips in where needed in the community and at Church. They are getting used to their new lives where they are not a “Pastor and wife.” They miss that greatly--roles to be treasured and honored. But duty called (more importantly, Jo Anne Lyon called, and she’s got a way about her!)

Thank you, friends, for stopping by this once-a-year update on the Drury family. We are the most infrequent but consistent blogging family on the planet. And you are a good friend for stopping by here to stay up on our lives! So, how are you doing?


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